Isle of Wight Driving Lessons

Isle of Wight driving lessons. Lesson duration is an hour and a half – which optomised learning and on the road experience. We teach more time on the road and less time pulled over than some driving schools. We also offer refresher lessons – often for people who have passed there test a long time ago and haven’t taken up driving. It takes about 2 years of driving for a driver to become competent and relaxed driving. We help in achieving this. Contact us to get booked in!

EU and International licence holder also benefit from your experienced instructors to brush up their driving skills on British roads. We can also arrange lessons on the mainland if you wish to become more familiar with the busier city and motorway driving – compared to the Isle of Wight roads.

Theory Test Your instructor can help with any part of your theory & hazard perception test revision and the practical driving will reinforce the theory aspects.

Eco Driving - The environment is very important, especially to those on the Isle of Wight. Fuel is also expensive and your instructor will you get the maximum mileage out of your tank of fuel, which will also help the environment too.

Mock Tests - Once ready to book your practical test your instructor will do mock tests to get you more comfortable with taking your test. Once passing the mocks you will have the confidence for the real test.

Pass Plus - The course is normally 6 hours and will add to your driving skills and experience. We recommend that this is done on the mainland roads so Motorway driving is covered along with city driving. Helping to gain confidence to drive on busier roads than the Isle of Wight. It can also help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Intensive Courses Our instructors have specialised in teaching Navy & Army drivers to pass their test in a short space of time. We can use this experience to help you pass your test quickly with an intensive course.

With the Enhanced Driving School you will get..

  •      Your driving progress will be recorded on the Enhanced Driver’s Record which will track progress towards driving confidently and safely on the road.
  •    The focus is on learning through actual “on the road” experience – less talking with the engine off and more driving.
  •    Routes used by the Isle of Wight test centre are followed to gain confident driving experience on the test routes you will have your practical tested on.
  •    Mock tests to given to help gain confidence ahead of the practical test.
  •    You can use the tuition car for the Practical Test – which often helps with confidence
  •    For your convenience, pick-up and drop-off can be arranged from a location of your choice on the IoW.
  •    If learning to drive quickly is a priority, then intensive driving courses are available and can be tailored to you.
  •    If you are yet to pass your theory test, your instructor will be happy to help you with any preparation you may need for the Theory Test.

Enhanced Teaching

Students with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other learning needs are often overlooked by driving schools when delivering driving lessons. But not at Enhanced. We understand that some people might have issues regarding road signs, written or verbal instructions, difficulty with short-term memory and concentration.

  •    We will break things down into bite size chunks.
  •    We will give, or email you our lesson handouts complete with diagrams, should you require them.
  •    We will go at YOUR pace, so you feel confident in what you learn.

At Enhanced, we have a dedicated Tutor who can tailor your lessons around your learning progression.